Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hey guys,

just a heads up that I am moving across to

hopefully this will give me the potential to have more pages, share more stuff and provide some good links, images etc

chat soon

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Harvesting time, brocoli and cabbage, will just blanch the broc and freeze it. I have not pulled the broc out of the ground but just cut off the head, the side stems will also flower and you will find that will double your harvest.

 king broccoli eat you heart out

 Another free meal thanks to the team and our wild harvesting efforts
 Vension and strassburg made from venison
 Once its was cooked we then put it into some pastry the next night, changing the meal and using up leftovers. Something about pastry that can res erect any meal
This photos is the tools before heading out to help a mate out with some roosters, free meat, always a good start

finally Pork chops from my uncles farm baked in some apple cider that I made- hmm

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Got my new cutting board and new Tre spade Mincer - all Italian made- I know it has a larger carbon footprint- but its well made and will generate plenty of food for me and my friends.

Very sorry itsnot  my actual mincer- will have photos of it doing snags very shortly, and I have some video footage of cutting up Deers, just need to organise the file transfer onto this PC.

This is it 8 inch, it will do 50kg's per hour, which I will not even get close but, it will be more durable. What I can usggest to those that are using small home mincer's take them slow, cut the meat up into small cubes and every now and then stop them, take them apart and remove the sinue from around the cutting blades. also turn them off from time to time and let them cool off. This will at least prolong the life of the machine.

Mincer's can be used to make Mince ( sorry, bit obvious), sasuage's, sausage mince for making sausage rolls, and meeatloaves. you just add the carrots, parsnips and apples throught hte mincer.

Then there is all the smal good applcations, strass, cabana, kranksy, polish sausage, - the list is endless.

Mince being sometimes seen as a downgrade to meat but doe sit matter how you eat your meat- its the same proein content and if its cut up its less for the body to deal with. Fillet steak is still fillet steak when minced, my old butcher in me winces at the thought but.... realistically its still the same quality comnig out the end of the mincer its just cut up finer.

Mince is a universal option and will make meatloaves, spagettit's, lasagna's, marinated and put on skewer's and cooked over flames, pies, chow mein, stuffed capsicums, .... where do I stop every culture has its own versions of using mince, its also good to mix species, mince pork certainly goes well with beef.